Top 5 Locations for Your Chesapeake Senior Portraits

A high school senior wears a floral dress during her Chesapeake senior portraits. She has one hand in her hair and smiles off to the side.

One of the most important parts of planning your senior portraits is picking the location. These are the portraits you will look back on, the ones that become your graduation announcements, the gifts to relatives. It is important that you love the setting. Luckily, there are some great options, right in Chesapeake for senior portraits! The best Chesapeake locations tend to be very natural, so if that is the look you are going for, you should definitely consider these when choosing options!


What Are the Best Locations?

Chesapeake is known for its parks and nature preserves. Many seniors want locations that allow them to stand out from the background. They look for natural locations that look amazing, but still allow them to shine. Here are my top choices when recommending locations for Chesapeake Senior Portraits.

1. Oak Grove Lake Park

Oak Grove is an excellent location for senior portraits in Chesapeake. There is a wide variety of spots that make perfect backgrounds in your photos. This is the perfect location if you aren’t quite sure what look you are going for and want to try a variety. At Oak Grove Lake Park, you will find a small field with tall grass, a small little sandy “beach” by the lake, tree lined paths, and even a small dock out onto the water. All of these features in one place means your gallery will be full of tons of different looks, without having to drive all over Chesapeake.

A senior wears her cheer uniform during her Chesapeake senior portraits. She has her hands on her hips and her hair is long and wavy.

2. Chesapeake Arboretum

The Chesapeake Arboretum is a stunning location for senior portraits. Featuring a wide variety of native trees, plants, and flowers, there is always something growing at the arboretum. This means that it’s a great location year round! From beautiful blooms in the spring and summer, to fall colors, to pine trees in winter, you are set regardless of when you want to get your senior portraits done. Along with the plant life, you will also find a historic farmhouse, gazebo, and cute red shed; all of which make excellent backdrops for photos.

3. Bells Mill Park

Bells Mill Park is one of my top choices for senior portraits in Chesapeake. The main feature of this park is a wide grassy field. Boasting tall grasses and wildflowers in the summer, the fields allow seniors to show off their personalities, without being overpowered by a busy background. Once fall and winter begin, the grass is mowed down, but the park still features a pretty tree line and is the perfect place to get that “glow-y” sunset look.

4. Northwest River Park

A hidden gem in Chesapeake, the Northwest River Park is a fun option for senior portraits. This is a location that is perfect for the senior looking for a forest vibe. Featuring trees of every variety as well as walking paths and pretty wooden bridges, the Northwest River Park offers quite a few backdrop options for the adventurous senior.

A high school senior wears a pink shirt over a tan undershirt and tan pants. She has a pink bandana in her curly hair. She is leaning on a bridge and looking off into the distance.

5. Backyard Wildflower Patch

The only non-park option that makes my list, I could not leave Backyard Wildflower Patch out. If you are doing your senior portraits in the summer, you should strongly consider the Backyard Wildflower Patch as an option! Their fields are full of beautiful florals throughout the summer. They also offer a variety of props and even have a little Bungalow for a bit of a “greenhouse” look. The only thing to beware of with Backyard Wildflower Patch is that there is a rental fee attached. However, it is reasonable and definitely worth it if this is the look you are going for.

Chesapeake Senior Portraits

No doubt about it, you have a variety of options to choose from when looking for a location for your Chesapeake senior portraits. Chesapeake is a great option if you are looking for a setting that is more natural. From public parks, to fun photography venues, you have plenty to choose from!


If you are looking for a photographer for your senior casuals, I would love to serve you! I work with each of my seniors to help them achieve the session of their dreams. From locations to outfits, I am here for you every step of the way. Reach out today and let’s chat about your session!

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