5 Best Family Friendly Restaurants in Virginia Beach

A family of 4 poses for a picture. Dad and son are wearing jeans and off-white sweaters. Mom is in and orange dress and daughter in a pink dress. After the session they went to eat at a family friendly restaurant in Virginia Beach.

Dining out with kids can be stressful. They don’t have the attention span adults do. They have a difficult time waiting for food. And when they’re done eating they expect to be able to just move onto the next thing. Most restaurants will say they are “family friendly,” but it was shocking to me on first becoming a parent how many restaurants don’t even have a kids menu! A Google search of restaurants can be overwhelming. So I’ve done the work for you! Below, you will find my list of the best 5 family friendly restaurants in Virginia Beach.


5 Best Family Friendly Restaurants in Virginia Beach

While some families are lucky and have adventurous eaters, the same can’t be said for my own children. We pretty much survive on chicken nuggets over here. Therefore, when searching for family friendly restaurants, it’s important to me that the kids menu at least have one item that would be familiar and welcome to my kiddos. I also look for restaurants that have fun extras to keep my very active kids entertained! Here are my top choices


  • Sage Kitchen the Number One Family Friendly Restaurant in Virginia Beach

This one wins best pick overall for a family friendly restaurant in Virginia Beach. This farm to table style restaurant has very yummy choices for the adults in the family. Their kids menu comes with familiar favorites like chicken tenders, burgers and grilled cheese. But what makes Sage Kitchen the standout choice is their activities. They have mini golf and an arcade for when you finish up your meal. But out on the patio? There is a kids playground! Your kids can play to their heart’s content while you sit and enjoy your meal. If that isn’t the best family friendly restaurant concept, I don’t know what is!


Find out more about Sage Kitchen here.

  • Leaping Lizard Cafe

Featuring fresh, diverse dishes, this cafe has a fun environment. Although their kids menu is not extensive (just a turkey sandwich or grilled cheese) the ambiance of the restaurant makes up for it. The eclectic decor and cozy atmosphere make diners of all ages feel welcome and comfortable. The outdoor dining space at Leaping Lizard Cafe will keep the kiddos from feeling cooped up. And the fresh baked cookies are an added bonus for a little treat!


Find out more about Leaping Lizard Cafe here.


  • Rudee’s Restaurant & Cabana Bar

One of the perks of being so close to the ocean is access to fresh seafood. Unfortunately, many seafood restaurants just aren’t family friendly. That is why Rudee’s is such a breath of fresh air! Not only does their kids menu carry the most kid friendly seafood dish (popcorn shrimp) but it also has picky eater favorites like macaroni & cheese and PB & J! And the added bonus? Their kids menu doubles as a coloring page, giving kids an activity to do while waiting. Also, their cabana features fun tables with swinging benches. They are sure to be a hit with the kids!


Find out more about Rudee’s Restaurant & Cabana Bar here.


  • Shorebreak Pizza & Taphouse

Although pizza is usually a hit with the kids, you sometimes get those kiddos that don’t like it (looking at you oldest daughter). Luckily, the kids menu at Shorebreak also features other kids favorites such as chicken tenders and cheeseburgers. As an added bonus, they offer fun drinks like the Sharknado that even comes with a toy shark! The overall atmosphere is very kid friendly while still giving parents plenty of options for food and drinks.


Find out more about Shorebreak Pizza & Taphouse here.

  • Beach Bully BBQ

Although not the deep South, Virginia is still considered a Southern state. That means they will have strong opinions about BBQ! Beach Bully BBQ is a great place for those looking to experience the Carolina version of BBQ. And, even though BBQ is a fairly safe bet when it comes to kids cuisine, they also offer a separate kids menu. Their kids menu has safe options like hot dogs, burgers, and even PB&J. Overall, a great family friendly restaurant if you are looking for BBQ in the Virginia Beach area.


Find out more about Beach Bully BBQ here.


Family Friendly Restaurants in Virginia Beach

When going out to eat with your kids, it is essential to find a restaurant that is kid friendly. While Sage Kitchen is by far the winner because of its playground, there are definitely other options for family friendly restaurants in Virginia Beach. I hope you found this list helpful and I would love to hear other recommendations if you have them!


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