Top 3 Salons for Kids Haircuts in Chesapeake, VA

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Where Can You Get Kids Haircuts in Chesapeake, VA?

Making sure your child has a fresh haircut before a family photoshoot is a great idea to enhance their appearance and ensure that you love how they look in the new artwork adorning your walls! However, the idea of getting your kid’s haircut can be daunting. Do they have the patience to sit still for long enough? Will it scare them? How much is it going to cost? Are there salons specializing in kids haircuts in Chesapeake?

Growing up, I remember getting to go to a special salon. It had fun chairs to sit in and the lady who cut my hair was so nice! Luckily, there are a couple of options for kids haircuts in Chesapeake, VA. They all provide the fun chairs of my memory and have stylists who specialize in working with children. In this comprehensive roundup, we’ll explore some of my favorite kid-centered salons in (and around) Chesapeake. Each spot listed here offers a unique blend of style, kid-friendly activities, and friendly staff.

Pigtails and Crewcuts

A national franchise, Pigtails and Crewcuts is a reputable option when searching for a salon for your little ones. With locations in both Chesapeake and Virginia Beach, you are sure to find a stylist you love. Their walls are brightly painted and they offer both regular salon chairs, and fun vehicle-shaped choices for the littles. Their capes are superhero or princess themed and, with your permission, they will play a movie for your child to watch while getting their haircut. As an added bonus, little girls walk away with cute flower clips after their haircuts!

While you wait for your child’s appointment, they can play with a large train table or an assortment of toys in the back room. Haircutting services at Pigtails and Crewcuts include basic kid haircuts, a cut with wash and shampoo, first haircuts (where they will save a clipping for mom & dad), bang trims, and even adult cuts. As an added bonus, Pigtails and Crewcuts offers children’s birthday parties. All in all, these are very fun salons and a great choice for your littles!

Cookie Cutters

Another child-centered salon, you can’t go wrong with Cookie Cutters for your kids haircuts in Chesapeake. Like other child-friendly salons, cookie cutters offers vehicle-shaped chair options to make getting a haircut fun, rather than scary. What makes Cookie Cutters unique, is that they offer an indoor play area. Your little one will be able to have fun on the slide while they wait their turn, helping them warm up to the idea of their haircut. They clearly understand the way to a child’s heart, offering bubbles, lollipops, and balloons to keep your child smiling during, and after, their visit.

Like other kids’ salons, Cookie Cutters offers basic cuts, wash and cuts, bang trims, first haircuts, and adult cuts. The first haircut package at Cookie Cutters comes not only with a hair clipping, but also a certificate and photo to add to your keepsake! All of this ensures that you (and your child) will have a memorable haircut experience.

Sharkey’s Haircuts for Kids

Located a little further out, in Virginia Beach, Sharkey’s is the luxury experience when it comes to kids haircuts. Unlike the other locations, Sharkey’s offers all-inclusive haircuts with all cuts. Your child will get a shampoo and cut, as well as a blow dry. Like the others, they have fun chairs and entertainment during the haircut. Sharkey’s also includes a complimentary “mini-cure” (manicure) with a girls cut that comes with her choice of nail polish. To top it off, Sharkey’s locations work hard to partner with their community, and donate a percentage of the proceeds from every cut to charity.

Staying committed to its mission to make little girls feel pampered, Sharkey’s offers birthday parties that are every girl’s dream. If you book at party at Sharkey’s you will be given exclusive access to their “Glamour/Tween Lounge.” Each girl, including the birthday girl, will be pampered during their time there. From fun hairstyles, to manicures, they are sure to leave a Sharkey’s party glowing!

Kids Haircuts in and Around Chesapeake, VA

There are plenty of options when it comes to getting your child’s haircut in the Chesapeake area. All the salons are fun and set up completely with kids in mind. Prices vary at each salon and for current pricing, it is best to check out each salon’s site while making your choice. Whichever salon you choose, you can rest assured that your kids are in good hands. So when it comes to kids haircuts in Chesapeake, VA you have nothing to worry about!

And, if you are getting your kids haircut before family pictures, follow this general advice to guarantee they look their best! Make sure you schedule their cut at least a week before their session so their hair can settle naturally, ensuring they look well-groomed and polished for the big day. It’s best practice to stick with their usual style, rather than trying something drastically different and new. That way, they will still be comfortable in their own appearance, making them happier on picture day. When speaking with their stylist merely ask for a trim or shaping. Have the stylist take care of split ends or uneven layers during the haircut to make sure that their hair looks neat and tidy for your family session.

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