Why Everyone Loves Bells Mill Park in Chesapeake, VA

A high school senior wearing a floral dress stands in front of some wildflowers at Bells Mill Park in Chesapeake, VA.

Bells Mill Park in Chesapeake, VA is a hidden Gem 

Located in the municipal center of Chesapeake, Bells Mill Park is a haven for runners, dog owners, and anyone looking for a gorgeous backdrop for their photos. As a photographer specializing in maternity, families, and seniors, I have added Bells Mill Park in Chesapeake Va to my list of top location choices for my clients. In this blog post I’ll outline the main reasons Bells Mill Park is such a great location and why it has become a go-to spot for me when capturing those special family bonds, gorgeous mamas-to-be, and seniors wanting to show off their unique personalities.


Family Bonds the Center of Attention

Bells Mill Park is the perfect setting for family photo sessions. The natural beauty and lack of playgrounds (aka distractions) allow families to play together and let their love shine. The main attraction at Bells Mills Park is its wide open field, featuring taller grass and (in certain seasons) wildflowers. 


This wide open space allows kids to be kids and play to their heart’s content. As a photographer, I love letting families run around, have tickle fights, and pile on mom and dad. Bells Mill Park in Chesapeake is the perfect location for these kinds of fun sessions. The wide space is also perfect for larger families, giving everyone plenty of room! In addition, the trails and pet friendly atmosphere means furry family members can also take part in family pictures!


Putting Mama and Bump on Full Display

Pregnancy is a time of anticipation, connection, and joy. But it can also be uncomfortable. Bells Mill Park is the perfect option for an expectant mama. Its parking lot is centrally located, giving mama the option of forest background, meadow, or (if she’s up for a bit more walking) both. 


The simple, natural setting, allows mama to be the star of the show. The focus is on her, and the precious life she is growing, rather than the surroundings. Outfit changes and incorporating dad and other children will allow mama to have a beautiful gallery of stunning images to look back on when remembering this special time in her life.

Senior Session in a Timeless Setting

For seniors celebrating the closing of one chapter and the beginning of a new one, Bells Mill Park is the perfect setting. The simple setting makes it extremely versatile for a senior session. Each senior is able to express their own unique tastes and style, without having to worry if the backdrop matches. From long flowy gowns, to jeans and a simple t-shirt, Bells Mill Park allows the seniors to shine. 


Because it is such a simple setting, mom and dad also don’t have to worry about how the images will look. There is no worry of the photos seeming old fashioned in the future. The images you will get at Bells Mill Park will be timeless. The types of images you will proudly display on the walls of your home for years to come.

The Versatility of Bells Mill Park in Chesapeake, VA

What sets Bells Mill Park apart is its remarkable versatility. It’s the perfect location for family, maternity, and senior sessions. The expansive, pet-friendly, grounds offer the perfect open spaces. These space allow for playful family dynamics, intimate maternity moments, and senior sessions that show off personality and style. 


Anyone at Bells Mill Park for a photoshoot will pick from a wooded backdrop, wide open fields, or a mixture of both. The natural light filtering through the trees, especially at golden hour, adds a soft, warm glow to the images. Families, mamas-to-be, and seniors alike are able to look their very best in a beautiful, natural environment. And as an added bonus? Wildflowers bloom in the summer, making it an even more stunning backdrop for your session!


Bells Mill Park in Chesapeake, VA

Bells Mill Park is a testament to the allure of natural beauty and the perfect backdrop for family, maternity, and senior sessions alike. Its simplicity and versatility, coupled with gorgeous seasonal surprises (wildflowers, changing leaves), create the perfect backdrop for bringing out the authentic moments between family, the glow of the expectant mama, and the personality of the senior. As a photographer passionate about capturing all of life’s precious memories, I invite you to experience the beauty of Bells Mill Park in Chesapeake, VA.


Are you ready to capture your family moments, maternity journey, or senior year, turning them into timeless memories for your home? Book your photo session at Bells Mill Park with me today. Reach out to me and we can discuss your unique vision, planning the session of your dreams! Let’s create magic at Chesapeake’s hidden gem-Bells Mill Park.


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