Pamper Your Curls at Muse Hair Salon in Chesapeake

A family of four snuggle close. The oldest girl, wearing a pink dress, is giving her parents a big hug. The toddler, also in a pink dress, reaches for daddy. Mom is in a floral dress and smiling wide. Mom gets her hair cut at Muse Salon in Chesapeake.

Those of us who have curly hair know the struggle of finding a good salon. Our hair isn’t like that of our straight haired friends. It doesn’t like to be cut wet, it goes every which way, it turns into a triangle with the wrong kind of layers, so on and so forth. Sometimes I’m convinced my hair doesn’t like to be cut at all! So it’s always a relief when I find a stylist that can handle my wavy curls. Thankfully, you’ll find a few amazing stylists at Muse Hair Salon in Chesapeake!


About Muse Hair Salon

Located right on Battlefield Boulevard in Chesapeake, Muse Hair Salon has been owned and managed by Donna since 2018. You can usually find her behind the salon chair, giving her clients amazing haircuts. The salon itself is inviting and decorated to inspire a calm and relaxing environment. Everyone who enters is greeted with a smile and offered a refreshment while they wait.

A mom, in a white dress with blue flowers, snuggles in a tulip field with her two daughters, who are both wearing green dresses.


Although I, personally, chose Muse Hair Salon because of its curly cut options, the salon offers an array of services for all your hair care and beauty needs. Those services include:


  • Devacuts: A special hair cutting technique specifically for curly hair. A deva cut is done on dry hair, and the stylist will shape the hair curl by curl, ensuring that the curls are at their best and most flattering.
  • Hair Coloring: Muse Hair Salon offers a wide variety of coloring services. From full color, to highlights, balayage, and touch up services, clients are sure to find what they need.
  • Speciality Services: The salon also offers several specialty services including extensions, perms, and Brazilian blowouts.
  • Men’s Cuts: Men have options at Muse Hair salon too. They can choose from a regular haircut or barber services.
  • Other Beauty Needs: The salon also offers nail and waxing services for their clients.

Check Out Muse Hair Salon

When looking for a salon that meets our needs, we have a lot of options. Muse Hair Salon in Chesapeake comes highly recommended. Not only do they have a plethora of five star reviews online, but they offer a service that is highly sought after by curly girls. When you have wavy (or curly) hair, like I do, you want to be assured that your curls are being taken care of. The staff at Muse are Deva trained and know how to make your curls look their very best. I can personally attest that my curls always look a million times better after leaving their salon. They will even walk you through their styling process and products so you can keep taking care of you curls at home! Check out their website for current openings.


And, once your hair is looking its very best, be sure to schedule that photoshoot! We mamas deserve to feel pampered and look our very best for our family photoshoots. As always, be sure that your hair has a week or two to settle after it’s cut before scheduling your shoot. 


If you are looking for a family photographer in Chesapeake, I would love to serve you! I love to help my clients feel pampered and taken care of. Let’s talk about your dream session! Reach out today and we can chat.

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