3 Trusted Agencies to Match You With Nannies In Virginia Beach!

A family stands together between two rows of trees. You can see the grandparents, mom, and two daughters. All are dressed in light blue and purple. The mom could look for nannies in Virginia Beach for her girls.

For families in the Virginia Beach area, these nanny agencies connect parents with high-quality caregivers and offer a number of childcare services so that parents don’t have to worry. As a Virginia Beach maternity and family photographer, I know how difficult it can be to sift through the hundreds of childcare providers and agencies to find the best fit for your family. If you want an easy way to connect with a fantastic caregiver, I highly recommend these local agencies to find nannies in Virginia Beach

3 Incredible Agencies Ready To Match You With Perfect Nannies In Virginia Beach

Coastal Child Care

Coastal Child Care is a nanny placement agency that offers several features to relieve the stress of finding a nanny for busy Virginia Beach parents. Parents can utilize the user-friendly Coastal Child Care website to discover certified nannies seamlessly. They also offer personalized matching services, connecting families with caregivers who fit their family’s dynamic and ensuring a simplified, rewarding process for everyone. 

There are no placement fees. Rather, Coastal Child Care uses a biweekly service fee and a small Launch Fee instead. All nannies are thoroughly vetted and rigorously selected so that all families receive the best possible care with professional, compassionate childcare providers. Finding the perfect caregiver can be daunting, but Coastal Child Care makes it easy for families to connect with nannies who will fit seamlessly into their family’s unique dynamic and values. Coastal Child Care offers dedicated support, with an administrative team that takes care of all the small details so families can focus on what matters most. 

Ghent Caregivers

If you’re struggling to find nannies, consider using the services of Ghent Caregivers in Virginia Beach. This nanny placement agency provides loving, carefully-screened caregivers for families’ peace of mind. Services include preparation of detailed caregiver portfolios, assistance in creating work contracts, professional resources for payroll and taxes, CPR and first aid classes, quarterly workshops for caregivers, and comprehensive applicant screening. 

Ghent Caregivers has been in the area for over forty years, featuring a team of well-respected caregivers who provide expert care for families. Some nannies offer academic tutoring as well. Ghent Caregivers is different from other placement agencies because they are genuinely interested in connecting families to amazing caregivers, going above and beyond expectations to create a support system for families long after the match is made. Ongoing workshops help nannies stay current on the latest information, and CPR and First Aid classes are also available for parents and the Ghent Caregivers employees. 

AMP Placement

AMP Placement offers premier nanny services throughout the greater Virginia Beach, Portsmouth, Hampton, Norfolk, Suffolk, and Newport News areas. They help families find dependable nannies or in-home caregivers who give parents peace of mind. Whether you need a date night sitter or ongoing nanny care, connecting with high-quality caregivers is easy with AMP Placement. Full-time nanny services include live-in nannies, live-out nannies, nanny housekeepers, nanny chefs, nanny tutors, personal assistants, support needs nannies, newborn care specialists, baby nurses, travel nannies, multilingual nannies, night nannies, and nanny shares. Part-time care is also available with services such as after-school care, date night nannies, weekend nannies, backup nannies, summer nannies, holiday nannies, morning/evening nannies, and much more.  

Your Family Will Love Your New Nannies in Virginia Beach

As a Virginia Beach maternity and family photographer, I recommend these nanny placement agencies, which offer a wide variety of childcare services to meet each family’s unique needs. Finding a great sitter or nanny can be time-consuming, but these agencies take the stress out of the process for families. They connect them with amazing nannies in Virginia Beach who meet their family’s unique needs and household goals. 

I love getting to help families make memories, whether sharing recommendations for my favorite places or taking pictures so they can cherish this time. I’ve worked hard to create a stress-free experience so you can feel comfortable and have pictures you’ll treasure forever. If you’ve been considering getting some portraits taken of your family, let’s connect so I can tell you more about my process! Contact me today to see if we’ll be a great match.

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