Top 3 Non-Religious Norfolk Private Schools

A young boy with curly red hair smiles while playing with the button on his gray sweater. He attends elementary at one of the many Norfolk private schools.

As a former teacher, I know how important quality education is. I also know how overwhelming all the options can be! Do you send your kids to public school? Is private a better fit? What kind of private-religious or non-religious? Is homeschooling the better option? While looking at schools it’s important to keep your family values in mind, as well as the needs of your children. Only you can decide what the best fit for your family is. However, if you are on the hunt for non-religious private schools, I have created a list for you. Here you will find the top rated Norfolk Private Schools that are not religious based.


Norfolk Private Schools

There are plenty of options when it comes to private schools in and around Norfolk, VA. Some align their educational philosophy with certain religious branches, while others are non-religious. Whether or not a religious school is a good fit is highly dependent on your own family values. However, it is nice to know that there are very good private school options for families who prefer to keep their religious views separate from their child’s schooling. Here are the 3 mostly highly rated non-religious Norfolk private schools.


Norfolk Academy

Founded in 1728, Norfolk Academy is one of the oldest schools in the United States. Its long standing commitment in excellent education has made it a top tier choice for private education in Norfolk. Norfolk Academy serves students from the first grade all the way through twelfth. Their education focuses on integrated learning, meaning students will learn through lessons that combine multiple subjects and disciplines. As they get into the upper grades, students will also have a choice of electives, creating a truly well-rounded educational experience for them.


The Arts

Because of its dedication to well-rounded education, Norfolk Academy offers several opportunities for its students to learn and grow in the arts. Beginning in the lower school, students are exposed to general music and have the opportunity to explore instrumental classes as well as dance. By the time students reach the upper school, they will have been given opportunities to take a range of artistic classes including music, dance, woodworking, sculpture, and even drama.



When students reach grade 7 at Norfolk Academy, they will be able to choose from 27 different sports to participate in, if they choose. Since the school believes in educating their whole student, athletics are an important part of the culture at Norfolk Academy. Almost all of their students will participate in at least one sport during their time in attendance. 



Norfolk Academy offers a few extra programs that really expand on a student’s learning potential. From leadership and medical scholars programs, to internships and international opportunities, the students at Norfolk Academy have some pretty amazing opportunities available to them!


Learn more about Norfolk Academy here.

The Williams School

Established in 1927, The Williams School is another long-standing private school option in Norfolk, VA. The Williams School offers education for students from preschool through Middle School. The Williams School teaches through student-centered, authentic experiences. This means that students are taking a more hands-on and active approach to their learning. The curriculum is much closer to real world experiences than traditional book learning.


The Arts

The arts are highly valued at The Williams School. All children receive art education. Not only are they learning how to create, but they also learn about the history of art and explore different styles and mediums. Students at The Williams School also have the opportunity to participate in a variety of music classes, both choral and instrumental.



Although not as competitive as a school that offers High School courses, The Williams School does offer a variety of athletic programs for its students. Students are able to participate in Cross Country, Tennis, Basketball, Soccer, and Volleyball. Students of all abilities levels are able and encouraged to participate.



The Williams School offers some extracurricular programs to further enhance the learning of their students. All students are able to explore, with their teachers, the area surrounding the school and learn about the natural environment in and around Norfolk. In addition, the school offers leadership programs and service learning opportunities. All of these experiences aid in the education of well-rounded students.


Read more about The Williams School here.


Norfolk Collegiate

Founded in 1948, Norfolk Collegiate stands apart as an excellent private school choice for students of all ages. They educate students from preschool all the way through high school. This commitment to excellent education at all levels creates a sense of stability and community for their students. From the preschool on, Norfolk Collegiate focuses on student-centered learning. While younger students can be found learning through play, high school students have the opportunity to take charge of their learning by participating in AP courses and challenging themselves academically.


The Arts

Art is an essential part of a well-rounded education. Not only does Norfolk Collegiate offer traditional art and music classes beginning in their lower school, but students have an opportunity to expand their knowledge once they enter middle school. Students can participate in a range of classes including band, string instruments, theater arts, digital art, and photography. These classes are all opportunities for students to explore their interests and grow their creativity.



Once students enter middle school at Norfolk Collegiate, they have the opportunity to participate in a choice of 20 different sports. Many of the school’s students choose to be on multiple teams, participating in a range of sports. The school’s teams compete at both the regional and state level.



The students at Norfolk Collegiate have ample opportunity to participate in extracurriculars. From Makers Labs, to summer internships, to various clubs, there are plenty of choices covering a range of interests. The convenience of having these opportunities at school helps each student become a well-rounded person as they grow into adulthood.


Read more about Norfolk Collegiate here.

Norfolk Private Schools

Overall, there are some excellent choices for non-religious Norfolk private schools. All three of the schools on this list are well-established in the area and committed to providing an excellent education. If you decide that private school is the right choice for your children, you will want to schedule tours at each of these schools. Hopefully, one of them will prove to be the just right fit for your child or children!


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