Once Upon a Child Chesapeake: A Sustainable Option

A mom does nose kisses with her toddler daughter. The mom wears a tan jumpsuit and the girl is in a denim dress. The dress could easily have been purchased at Once Upon a Child in Chesapeake.

As parents, we are constantly looking for ways to, affordably, refresh our children’s’ wardrobes. Let’s face it, these kids grow so fast, and play so hard, that sometimes it just doesn’t make sense to buy everything new! Many of us are familiar with the idea of donating, or passing on, our children’s outgrown clothing. Every few months we shed a few tears as we fold up those little pieces of clothing one last time and pack them away in a box labeled “donation.” But did you know that there are great options to BUY gently used clothing for your kids too? Once Upon a Child in Chesapeake is one of those options.


About Once Upon a Child Chesapeake

A national franchise, Once Upon a Child is fairly well known as a children’s consignment store. They have a reputation in mom’s groups for being very picky with their selection, and a little bit stingy in their offerings when you sell your items to them. So, while perhaps not the best option if you are looking to sell your kids’ outgrown items, they can be a great place to shop! Because of their commitment to buying very gently used clothes, shoes, and toys, you can rest assured that you will find quality items. It’s a great option for those who love the idea of sustainability through re-use! And for those of us whose kids are really tough on clothes, Once Upon a Child keeps us within a reasonable budget while we outfit our kids.


Upon entering a Once Upon a Child, you will be surprised by the wide variety of items they offer. Children’s clothing of all sizes, toys, baby gear, and even furniture. What they offer depends on what people have recently consigned, so it’s ever changing.

  • Baby Clothing

    Offering premie sizes, all the way up to 24 months, Once Upon a Child carries a wide variety of baby clothing for all your needs.

  • Children’s Clothing

    These stores are unique in the fact that they consign children’s clothing of all sizes. Depending on what has been consigned recently, they carry sizes 2T all the way up to Youth 20.

  • Specialty Items

    Not only will you find regular clothing items but you will also be able to purchase dance wear, and seasonal items such as costumes, winter gear, and swim wear.

  • Toys, Book, and Games

    There is a wide selection of items in several categories at Once Upon a Child. Look close and you may find that book your child has been wanting, or a game you have been longing to play with them.

  • Furniture

    Once Upon a Child also accepts (and sells) a variety of baby and children’s furniture. This may be the very place where you find that toddler bed you’ve been needing, or a new bookshelf for the playroom.



As stated above, Once Upon a Child is very particular about the items they will accept for their store. Staff members are trained in child safety and up to date on any industry recalls on children’s items. They evaluate every piece before purchasing and placing it for sale in their store.


Chesapeake is lucky enough to have two locations. This means you have plenty of options for eco-friendly shopping for your little ones. The Chesapeake Locations are:

  • Chesapeake Square

    Find them here

  • Greenbrier

    Find them here


Check Out Once Upon a Child Chesapeake

If you are tired of having to completely replace your child’s wardrobe every few months, consignment shops may be the way to go. Both a sustainable and cost effective option during those early years, full of growth spurts and rough housing. Once Upon a Child in Chesapeake is a great option for parents looking for a more sustainable, wallet-friendly way to shop. 


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