Nurturing Motherhood: Prenatal Massage in Chesapeake, VA

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Why Prenatal Massage Chesapeake VA 

Women are always told about what a beautiful journey pregnancy is. They are told they are glowing, they are radiant, they are doing amazing things. However, while all of that may be true, pregnancy doesn’t always feel beautiful. Your body doesn’t feel like your own. Your shape is all wrong, your back hurts, your feet are sore, you are tired all the time. Enter, prenatal massage. Getting a prenatal massage is a wonderful option for mamas-to-be who are seeking some relief and solace. In this blog post, I will delve into the benefits of prenatal massage as well as highlight a few of the spas that offer prenatal massage in Chesapeake, VA.

The Benefits of Prenatal Massage

1. Alleviating Aches and Pains

While wonderful and amazing, the body still undergoes significant changes during pregnancy. A mama-to-be often suffers from discomforts such as back pain, swollen ankles, and muscle tension. A skilled prenatal massage therapist provides targeted relief using gentle techniques, adapted to ensure the safety and comfort of the expectant mother.

2. Reducing Stress and Anxiety

The emotional well-being of an expectant mother is just as important as her physical well-being. However, pregnancy often comes with heightened stress levels and anxiety, particularly for new mothers. Research has shown that prenatal massage promotes the release of endorphins and reduces the occurrence of stress hormones, therefore contributing to mama’s emotional well-being. A prenatal massage in Chesapeake, VA will allow a woman to unwind and connect with her changing body.

3. Improving Sleep Quality

Anyone who has been pregnant can tell you that, as the months go on, sleep becomes more and more difficult. Anxiety, hormonal changes, and growing discomfort can all lead to sleep disruptions that were not present before pregnancy. Getting a prenatal massage helps the body relax, relieves pain, and eases stress and anxiety. All of these factors increase the body’s ability to get a good night’s sleep, which is essential for the mama-to-be.

4. Enhancing Circulation

Pregnancy can lead to poor circulation. This poor circulation is what causes swelling and joint pain. A prenatal massage will gently stimulate the soft tissue. This stimulation reduces the build up of fluid around the joints, therefore reducing the swelling and improving blood circulation, which can be nothing but beneficial for both mommy and baby.

Safety Considerations

1. Speak with A Doctor

While prenatal massage is mostly considered safe while pregnant like everything, it is best to speak with your healthcare provider prior to booking a massage. Certain conditions associated with pregnancy make getting a massage unsafe. Each woman and each pregnancy is unique. Only the healthcare provider who is working with a woman will be able to say, for sure, if a prenatal massage is advisable. Mamas-to-be should always check in with their doctors for anything pregnancy related, including prenatal massage.

2. Check Qualifications

Because being pregnant can create unique needs, it is important to make sure any massage therapist is certified for prenatal massage. Certified prenatal therapists are trained to work specifically with pregnant women. They understand the health considerations a pregnant woman needs to be aware of and know how to position and massage the mama-to-be correctly. Below, there is a list of spas offering prenatal massage in Chesapeake, VA. Mama-to-be should call ahead and ask about their therapists’ certifications.

3. Avoid Certain Areas and Positions

Although it should be up to the certified massage therapist to know how to do a prenatal massage correctly, it doesn’t hurt for the mama to be aware of some considerations, prior to the massage. This makes it easier for her to advocate for her and baby’s safety. First, prenatal massage should be done in a side-lying position. This is widely considered to be the safest position for all pregnant women. Second, mama will want to make sure her belly and pressure points are avoided, so as not to hurt her or baby. Last, the massage therapist should only apply gentle pressure, particularly in the legs, which are prone to clots.


Noteworthy Spas Offering Prenatal Massage in Chesapeake, VA

If you are looking for prenatal massage in Chesapeake, VA, you have a few options to choose from.

1. Hand & Stone Massage and Facial Spa

Offering cushions and pillows to aid in the positioning and comfort of mama and baby, Hand & Stone is a great spa option for mamas-to-be in Chesapeake.

2. Golden Touch Massage and Spa

This spa, located conveniently in Chesapeake, offers both prenatal and postnatal massage. This attention to mama’s needs, both before and after baby, make a great choice for any woman looking for a massage.

3. Natural Elements Spa

With great reviews, specifically addressing prenatal massage, this spa is an excellent choice for mamas-to-be looking for a prenatal massage.

4. The Massage Company

Specializing in massages, this company’s website specifically states that they have specialized tables and offer side-lying massages for expectant mothers.

Prenatal Massage in Chesapeake, VA

A prenatal massage in Chesapeake, VA is a great option for the mama-to-be who is looking to relax a little, while relieving her aches and pains. Although she may not always feel beautiful, a massage is a great step towards gaining that feeling. Another step a mama-to-be might consider is a maternity photoshoot. Like a massage, a maternity photoshoot can serve to help mama-to-be feel beautiful and strong, if just for a short time. But the nice thing about a photoshoot is she will walk away with physical proof of her beauty. Mama and, in the future, baby will be able to look back on this time with joy that may not always be felt in the moment. 


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