Nurturing Little Learners at Primrose in Chesapeake

A baby wearing tan pants and an off-white shirt sits on his parents laps. They are in khaki and white. The baby would be in the infant program at Primrose in Chesapeake.

Our children’s education is important to us. We want to make sure they are learning and growing to their fullest potential. It’s surprising how important early childhood education can be! As a former first grade teacher, I can attest to the difference in skill level between students who did not have early childhood education, and those who did. But it’s not always easy to know what to look for in an early childhood learning center. Primrose in Chesapeake is a great choice for parents looking for high quality preschool options!


About Primrose Chesapeake

Primrose schools are a franchise of accredited preschools found all over the United States. Chesapeake has two locations, one in Edinburgh and one in Cahoon Commons. They serve infants through kindergarteners in their regular full-day programs. They also offer before and after care for elementary age students.

Educational Philosophy of Primrose Chesapeake

Primrose centers take a Balanced Learning approach to education. In other words, the schools are incorporating meaningful play, student choice, and teacher guided lessons into each school day. Children are learning and growing at their own pace, with the guidance of their teachers. Primrose Schools operate on 3 pillars of education: active minds, healthy bodies, and happy hearts.

  • Active Minds: at Primrose Chesapeake, students are engaged in learning activities throughout the day. Young learners from infants on up, are taught language and literacy skills, science, technology, math, and social studies. Lessons are all age appropriate and based on current research.
  • Healthy Bodies: Primrose schools have age appropriate play equipment, allowing all children to participate in physical play throughout the day. In addition, the school provides meals and snacks with a healthy menu for the children. Babies and toddlers are taught sign language signs for food to help them communicate their needs. Older children eat communally to encourage peer interaction and social skills.
  • Happy Hearts: Primrose Chesapeake encourages learning in all aspects of life. Their curriculum covers social skills, character development, and life skills. All essential to educating the whole child. In addition, the schools offer music and art to help foster creativity.


Safety Standards

Additionally, as parents, our number one priority is the safety of our children. It’s hard to drop them off at a school all day and not know how they are. Luckily Primrose Chesapeake takes the health and safety of their students seriously. They have rigorous requirements for cleaning and sanitizing. In addition, they hold safety drills and often have low staff to student ratios, further increasing the safety of all children in their care. If you would like to find out more about their safety standards, you can find that information here.

Summer Programs

Primrose schools also offer summer programs designed to keep kids engaged and learning during their break from the normal school year. Each week is centered around a different theme, allowing children to experience a plethora of fun projects and activities. Hopefully the commitment to variety will keep kids engaged and learning all summer long!


Primrose in Chesapeake: An Excellent Pre-school Option

While on the hunt for early childhood centers, parents want to know that their child will be cared for, and learn as much as they possibly can. Primrose schools’ commitment to educating the whole child makes it an excellent choice for any parent living in the Chesapeake area. Their programs for younger children, along with their before and after school programs means they are able to serve a variety of families. Check out Primrose Chesapeake if you are on the hunt for an early childhood education for your little one.


As a Chesapeake family photographer, and former teacher, I have extensive experience working with children of all ages. If your child is getting ready to start school and you need photographs to celebrate the moment, I would love to assist! Reach out and we can chat about your family session.

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