Splash Pads in Chesapeake: A Watery Fun Summer Activity

Two boys, who enjoy a splash pad in Chesapeake, VA, sit on a giant blue Adirondack chair.

Splash Park at Western Branch: A Chesapeake, VA Splash Pad

Let’s face it, it gets hot here in the summer! The sun is out, the humidity is high, and the kids are miserable playing at the park. The beach is also out of the question…who wants to fight through all those crowds of tourists? So what is a tired mama to do when her kids are driving her crazy and she just wants to get out of the house? This is the moment she might find herself online, frantically searching splash pad Chesapeake, VA. And guess what? You’re in luck! Chesapeake just so happens to have its very own splash pad. The Splash Park at Western Branch! Let’s dive into why you should add “splash pad” to your list of summer activities.


Cooling Aquatic Adventures, Without the Stress

As the mama of a very active toddler and a fiercely independent elementary aged child, I can tell you, that summer water activities terrify me. I can’t be in two places at once when we’re at the pool, so my older child inevitably gets stuck in the boring (for her) wading pool.


But that is the beauty of a splash pad! Your children are able to play, together or separate, in a safe environment. Splash pads are designed to make water play a safe and enjoyable experience for all. The ground is covered in soft, non-slip surfaces. The water features vary from tame, to more thrilling. Children of all ages can enjoy themselves. And moms like me are able to stay near their littles, and keep an eye on their more independent older kids, all at the same time!

Promoting Physical Activity and Social Interaction

In addition to offering some relief from the heat, and a safe environment for all, the splash pad can be a great opportunity to run off that excess energy. Splash pads are also excellent places to make new friends. As they dart through fountains, dodge water jets, and let their imaginations run wild, kids are also working on gross motor skills, balance, and coordination. All in a fun and engaging way. 


Even better, kids will likely find themselves engrossed in games with others. Nothing like guessing when the bucket will empty on their heads to bring a few kids together. As local families gather to cool off, you may find yourself making new friends, or running into old ones. Enjoy each other’s company, and build fun memories together!


The Western Branch Splash Pad Experience

The Splash Park at Western Branch is open to both residents and non-residents of Chesapeake. Membership to the Western Branch Community Center is paid yearly. All members get access to the splash pad for free while it is open during the summer. You can find their membership application here. Make sure you are all set before your visit to ensure smooth sailing on the day of. Nothing worse than kiddos having to wait around for you to fill out paperwork before they get to play in the water!

Splash Pad Chesapeake VA

Whether it’s a spontaneous outing with friends, or a planned gathering, you can’t go wrong with a splash pad. Your children will be able to cool off, while having hours of fun with their friends, both old and new. So, if you find yourself searching splash pad Chesapeake VA, you can rest assured that you will find what you are looking for. So what are you waiting for? Go out and make some summer memories!


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