5 Best Places for Swimming Lessons in Virginia Beach

A family of 4 sits in the sand. They are all wearing neutral outfits. Since the boys are young, they would benefit from swimming lessons in Virginia Beach.

As parents, we all know that one of the most important skills we can teach our children is how to swim. This is especially true in places like Virginia Beach, where there is lots of access to different bodies of water. Chances are, your child will be in and around water a lot here! The best way to protect them is to teach them to swim. Luckily there are plenty of options for swim lessons. This blog is a roundup of the top 5 places for swimming lessons in Virginia Beach.


Swimming Lessons in Virginia Beach

Virginia Beach is a city surrounded by, you guessed it, beaches. There are also a number of other bodies of water and even a water park in the area. It is imperative that children learn how to swim in order to protect them from the worst. Luckily, there are a number of quality places offering swimming lessons in Virginia Beach. Here is a roundup of the best.


Swimming Lessons at Virginia Beach Parks & Recreation

Residents with a valid membership (or those willing to purchase a day pass) can take swimming lessons through the Virginia Beach Parks & Recreation department. These lessons happen year round and are run by the Red Cross. Swimmers under the age of 3 participate with a parent while older students take lessons based on level. There is even an option for diving lessons for children who are ready for more advanced skills.


Find out more about the Parks & Rec swim classes here.

British Swim School

With a main location at Virginia Wesleyan University, British swim school is expanding into the greater Hampton Roads area, giving parents plenty of options. Like other swim schools, British Swim School offers classes from babies all the way up to adults. Babies and toddlers under 3 participate with a guardian, while older children transition into more independent swimming. What stands apart about the British Swim School is their commitment to teaching skills at the appropriate level for all students, even the youngest. When you register your child, you will be able to choose a class that is the right fit for them and their comfort and skill level in the water.


Find out more about the British Swim School here.


Tide Swim School

Another great option serving babies all the way up to adults. Children under 3 are placed in parent and me classes at Tide Swim School. Older children are placed in group classes based on age and skill level. Tide Swim School stands apart with its commitment to group swimming lessons. They believe in the positive impact of a group lesson through peer examples and socialization.


Find out more about Tide Swim School here.


YMCA of Hampton Roads

The YMCA is always an option for swimming lessons. With locations all over Hampton Roads, you are sure to find one that works for you and your family. The YMCA offers parent and me to children younger than 3, and group or private lessons for older children. Swimming lessons are offered year-round at the various YMCA locations. You do not need to be a YMCA member to enroll your child in YMCA swimming lessons.


Find out more about swimming lessons at the YMCA here.


Lynnhaven Dive Center & Swim School

With their own heated indoor pool, Lynnhaven Dive Center & Swim School is able to offer swimming lessons in Virginia Beach year round. Parent and Me classes are for little ones ages 2 and under. Meanwhile, children ages two and up can participate in group lessons at their own level. Private lessons are also available for children of all ages, starting at age 15 months.


Find out more about Lynnhaven Dive Center here.

Swimming Lessons in Virginia Beach

Our highest priority as parents is keeping our children safe. In an area like Virginia Beach, where it is so easy to access the water, swim lessons are imperative. Although this blog outlined the top 5 places for swimming lessons in Virginia Beach, there are plenty of other options out there. When searching for lessons keep in mind the age of your child, their comfort level in the water, and whether they would do better in group or private lessons. 


As a Virginia Beach family photographer, I am often asked to do sessions on the beach. It’s always fun to get in the water, but we definitely want to know your kids will be as safe as can be when they do. If you are looking to have a family session, I would love to assist you! Reach out and we can start planning!

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