TCC Dual Enrollment: Unlocking Your Educational Opportunities

A high school senior sits on a bench during her senior session. She is a TCC dual enrollment student.

Why You Should Consider TCC Dual Enrollment

In the increasingly competitive world of college acceptance, high school students are constantly seeking new and innovative ways to make their application stand out. One avenue that has shown increasing popularity are dual enrollment programs with local community colleges. And lucky for us, the Tidewater Community College (TCC) Dual Enrollment program is an option right here in Chesapeake, VA! This blog post explores the unique opportunities available to Chesapeake high school students (both traditional and home school) through the program and the profound impact they can have on a student’s academic journey.

A TCC dual enrollment senior stands in front of a white brick wall. She is wearing a green top and jeans.

Understanding TCC Dual Enrollment

TCC’s dual enrollment in Chesapeake is designed to offer high school students a head start on their college journey. Qualifying students can enroll in courses taught by qualified instructors, earning college-level credits while still completing their high school requirements. TCC dual enrollment courses are designed both for students who plan on transferring to a traditional four year college, as well as students who plan on entering a career directly after high school graduation. Either way, the program is a unique way for students to experience the challenges and opportunities that come with taking college-level courses. They can jump start their career or college experience, at a fraction of the cost. 


Advantages of TCC Dual Enrollment

1. Academic Acceleration

One of the primary benefits of a dual enrollment program is that it allows students to accelerate their academic progress. Through the program, students have access to college-level coursework, which not only challenges them, but sets the foundation for success in higher education or a career. 

2. Cost Savings

Participating in a dual enrollment program can be a cost effective way for a student to jump start their college education. Tuition costs of a dual enrollment program are significantly lower than traditional colleges. After completion of a course, the student will earn a college credit that can be transferred to the four year institution they choose to attend, therefore eliminating the need to take (and pay for) that particular course there. This is an excellent advantage for anyone wanting to pursue a college degree without significant student loan debt.

3. Diverse Course Offerings

TCC offers a diverse range of courses for students to choose from. Whether a student is interested in business or advanced manufacturing, TCC allows dual enrollment students to challenge themselves, pursue their passions, or discover new interests that they may not have considered before. This exposure allows students to choose their post-high school path with greater clarity and confidence. 

4. Preparation for College Life

The dual enrollment experience eases the transition from high school to college. Students experience college-level coursework (and the expectations that come with it), all while still having direct access to the guidance and knowledge their parents can offer. Students with this opportunity become better equipped to handle the challenges of full-time college life, without their parents. They learn skills such as time management and self-discipline, which are crucial to their success at a four year institution. 

5. Access to TCC Support

As a TCC dual enrollment student, you will have access to a wide-range of support services not available to the average high school student. Dual enrollment students are considered TCC students. This gives them access to campus libraries, academic counselors, and tutoring. These services all aid in the successful completion of the program, which earns college credits. 


Customized Enrollment Options

The TCC dual enrollment program offers a few different enrollment options to meet the needs of its students. Those options are:

  1. Dual Credit: upon completion of a course, you receive both high school and college credit.
  2. Concurrent: courses open to high school (or home school) students that earn college credit ONLY.
  3. Combination: you will take at least one dual credit course and one concurrent course, creating a custom combination of experiences.

Prior to enrollment, it will be necessary to speak with one of the TCC points of contact to find out which enrollment type will be best suited to your needs.

Challenges and Considerations

While TCC dual enrollment in Chesapeake offers significant advantages, it’s crucial to also acknowledge the potential challenges students may face in the program as well. Balancing both high school and college coursework will be demanding on students. To be successful, students will need effective time management and organizational skills. Additionally, adapting to a new learning environment and meeting college-level expectations can be challenging for certain students. It is important to carefully consider whether or not you will be able to meet these challenges prior to enrolling. 


TCC Dual Enrollment 

TCC dual enrollment is a transformative educational experience that can open doors to academic, personal, and career growth. By providing a bridge between high school and college, this program empowers students to take control of their education and make informed decisions about their future. The advantages of academic acceleration, cost-effective education, diverse course offerings, and preparation for college life are all excellent reasons to consider enrollment in TCC’s program


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