Music in Motion: One of Best Virginia Beach Dance Schools

A mother and daughter sit in front of a floral hoop in a forest. Mom is in a pink dress and daughter has on a white dress. The daughter attends classes at one of the Virginia Beach dance schools.

There’s no doubt about it, dance is one of the most important aspects of cultures around the world. Dance classes are an excellent activity option for both boys and girls of all ages. When it comes to a dance school for your child, you will want to know they are going somewhere with teachers they can learn from; somewhere they feel welcomed and comfortable. When looking into Virginia Beach dance schools, you will want to keep that in mind. Music In Motion Dance Studio is an excellent dance school option in Virginia Beach!


About Music in Motion, a Virginia Beach Dance School

Founded in 1985, Music in Motion is an established dance school option in the Virginia Beach area. They pride themselves on being family owned and welcoming, something that rings true when you read through their reviews. Not only does the school have regular dance classes, but they also offer summer programs. They even allow your child to take a trial class to see if they are the right fit!


You will find a variety of classes on offer at Music in Motion. They are a Virginia Beach dance school that emphasizes proper training. They use positive teaching techniques to teach learners of all dance levels and abilities. The classes you will find at this dance school are:

  • Beginner Dance: These classes focus on the fundamentals for young children ages 1.5-6 years old. You will find beginner options for most styles including tumbling, tap, ballet,  jazz, and hip-hop.
  • Recreational Division: These classes are for elementary aged children who are 7 and older. Like the beginner classes, these classes focus on the fundamentals and building skills for dancers who are ready. You will be able to choose from many dance styles including ballet, tap, jazz, hip-hip, lyrical, and even musical theater.
  • Training Division: Designed for children ages 12 and up who are advanced dancers. These classes focus on honing a dancer’s skills and performance abilities. Classes are offered in many styles and most training division students take multiple classes.
  • Boys Classes: Although dance is becoming more widely accepted for both genders, sometimes boys just need a different touch. Music in Motion offers boys-only classes, taught by male instructors. These high energy classes keep boys engaged while they learn tricks in a hip-hop/acro combined class.


Summer Camp

While many of us are on the hunt for summer activities for our kids, attending a Virginia Beach dance school may not be on the radar. Traditionally, dance classes end with the school year and take summers off. However, Music In Motion Dance Studio offers two summer options for families.

  • Summer Dance Classes: A 6-week class is offered for children ages 1-6 and a separate six week class is available for children ages 7+. Although these classes follow the practices of the traditional classes offered during the school year, they do not include a recital and are, therefore, less pressure. These classes are a great idea for introducing a child to the idea of dance class!
  • Summer Dance Camp: For children ages 2.5 to 12, these summer dance camps are a fun way to engage kids in an early love of dance. The camps last a week and follow a fun theme, which engages children further in such a short time period. If you are looking for a fun activity that isn’t a huge commitment like a 6-week class, dance camp may be the way to go!

Virginia Beach Dance Schools

If your child is like mine, and loves all things dance, then you need to look into enrolling them in one of the many Virginia Beach dance schools. There are a number of choices out there, but Music in Motion is one of the best! They are a family-owned studio, who have taught dance in the area for generations. Check out one of their trial classes and see if they are a good fit for your child!


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