6 Best Virginia Beach Playgrounds

A family of three featuring dad in a light tan top, mom in a white dress, and baby girl in a brown floral romper. The baby would enjoy the swings at one of the Virginia Beach playgrounds.

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As parents we are constantly on the lookout for fun activities for our little ones. And, of course, the tried and true answer is a playground. We all have our favorite ones, the ones we usually take our kids to. But sometimes, we want to change it up a little, add some variety into our kids’ routines. Luckily, there are some really great Virginia Beach playgrounds to choose from. Some of them are even on the beach, a novelty you won’t find in other places!


6 Best Virginia Beach Playgrounds

Although there are many playgrounds in Virginia Beach, some have a bit more novelty than others. Anyone living in Pungo knows that most neighborhoods have playgrounds. But did you know that there are three separate places in Virginia Beach to play near the beach? There are also some playgrounds at very interesting parks. This blog goes over the top 6 playgrounds in Virginia Beach.


Grommet Island Park 

Grommet Island Park is a fully accessible playground on the beach itself. Since it is located on the beach, it is beach themed with dolphin and wave play structures. Rather than being on the sand itself, the playground is on rubber paving, perfect for kids who are bound to fall from time to time. Perhaps the best feature of this park is the fact that it is covered, making it the perfect spot for kids to get out of the sun during a day at the beach.


Find out more about Grommet Island Park here.


Little Island Park

Located in Sandbridge, Virginia Beach, Little Island Park is another beach playground. This playground is right near the pier that many people love in Sandbridge. Kids are able to take a break from the water and play to their heart’s content just a short walk away! This playground is also conveniently near the beach’s restrooms, making it ideal for parents with young children.


Find out more about Little Island Park here.

Great Neck Park

Great Neck Park is one of those wooded parks that offers hiking trails and other little places for your little ones to explore. They also have a very nice playground. The playground is paved in rubber paving and features low play structures. It is very safe for younger children. Also, the way it is designed maximizes visibility, making it easier to keep and eye on those kiddos as they run around and have a good time.


Find out more about Great Neck Park here.


Mount Trashmore a Virginia Beach Playground

Perhaps one of the favorite playgrounds in Virginia Beach is the Kids Cove Playground at Mount Trashmore Park. The park itself is a super interesting display of sustainability. Built on the site of an old landfill, the park has become a beloved landmark in Virginia Beach. The playground itself is very large and even has three different play areas. This allows children of all ages to play safely during their visit.


Find out more about Mount Trashmore here.


Red Wing Park

Red Wing Park is best known for its Japanese Garden. Every spring, the cherry trees draw visitors to the park to enjoy the blooms. But even in other seasons, Red Wing Park is a great place for families to spend the day. Featuring two different playgrounds, there is plenty for kids to explore and do while there.


Find out more about Red Wing Park here.

Munden Point Park

Located in the southern part of Virginia Beach, Munden Point Park is 100 acres of beauty for families to enjoy. With such a big area dedicated to the park, it’s no wonder they feature three different playgrounds. The playground closest to the boat launch is my family’s favorite. There are plenty of slides and swings, which is always a plus for us.


Find out more about Munden Point Park here.


Virginia Beach Playgrounds

All in all, there are some excellent options for Virginia Beach playgrounds. Whether you want to be close to the beach and make a day of it, or looking to get out into nature, there is a playground for you. Check out some of my recommendations and let me know what you think!


Another great feature of the Virginia Beach playgrounds is that many of them are located in parks that make great locations for photo sessions! The promise of getting to play at the playground can often be a great incentive for a kiddo during a session. If you are looking for a Virginia Beach family photographer, I would love to assist you! Reach out and we can chat about your dream session.

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