Top 3 Clubs for Virginia Beach Youth Soccer

Two brothers, wearing blue shirts, sit on a giant blue Adirondack chair. They are resting their chins on their hands. The boys are both old enough to participate in Virginia Beach youth soccer.

I’m an avid soccer fan! I grew up playing and watching my brother play. When my hometown finally got a team I loved going to games and cheering them on. So it’s no wonder that I am on the hunt for a place to sign my own children up for the sport! In this blog, I will round up the top 3 places where your child can participate in Virginia Beach youth soccer.


Your Best Choices for Virginia Beach Youth Soccer

Soccer is one of those sports that can require a huge time commitment as your child’s skills grow. When researching clubs, be sure to keep your schedule in mind. You will want a club that works for your family. Ask yourself questions like, how many days a week is practice? What days are games on? Do we have to travel with this team? Keeping all these questions in mind will help you pick the Virginia Beach youth soccer club that works best for your family.


Virginia Beach Field House

Although not a strictly soccer club, Virginia Beach Field House offers plenty of options for youth soccer at a variety of ages and levels. What makes Virginia Beach Field House unique, is that they are an indoor soccer facility, making it possible to participate year round.


Youth Indoor Soccer: For ages 4-18, the youth league offers indoor play year round. You will find four different levels: recreation, advanced, intermediate, and premier. Indoor play is centered around games, meaning you only have to commit to one day a week, not multiple practice sessions and games.


Learn more about Virginia Beach Field House youth soccer here.


Lil’ Kickers Program: Beginning at 18 months and continuing through age 7, the Lil’ Kickers program is a great way to introduce young children to soccer! Classes range in skill level, with the youngest players participating with a parent or guardian. 


Learn more about Virginia Beach Field House Lil’ Kickers Program here.

Beach FC

For children ages 3-18, Beach FC offers youth soccer in Virginia Beach to a variety of ages and skill levels. The youngest players often have parents participating with them, creating an opportunity to bond through a mutual activity. As players get older, they will participate either in the recreational or competitive league. This gives families and children the opportunity to participate at the skill level and schedule that is right for them.


Learn more about Beach FC here.


Virginia Rush

Offering soccer to children ages 2-18, Virginia Rush is a great choice. Rush is a national program and boasts elite level coaches. Participating with them is sure to grow your child’s skills! Along with competitive soccer, Rush also offers recreational leagues to meet the needs of all families and children. However, for families and kids who are ready to participate at a higher level, Rush offers select soccer, tournament participation, and even travel opportunities!


Learn more about Virginia Rush here.

Virginia Beach Youth Soccer

Soccer can be a huge commitment for a family, but it is so worth it for families that want to participate! Some of my most precious childhood memories center around soccer and it could be the same for your family. There are great options in Virginia Beach for youth soccer, from indoor to competitive and everything in between, you’re sure to find what you are looking for. Check out the option for Virginia Beach youth soccer outlined in this blog and let me know what you think!

As a Virginia Beach family photographer, I know how fleeting these moments with your kids can be. That is especially true for families whose kids participate in youth sports! Sometimes it feels like you don’t have a moment to stop and enjoy each other. If you are interested in capturing some of the precious moments that you do have together, set up a family session! Reach out and we can chat.

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