Everything You Need to Know About Youth Sports in Virginia Beach

A young boy in a off white sweater and white collared shirt, smiles at the camera. He is standing in front of some trees with the sun shining behind him. He is old enough to participate in youth sports in Virginia Beach.

As a Virginia Beach family photographer, I know how important sports are to many families. These youth sports leagues in Virginia Beach give kids access to many different sports and competition levels so they can work on their physical fitness and sportsmanship skills. If you’re looking to enroll your kids in youth sports in Virginia Beach, be sure to check out these leagues. 

Discover The Wonderful World Of Youth Sports in Virginia Beach

Youth Sports Leagues | City of Virginia Beach

2401 Courthouse Drive, Virginia Beach, VA

The City of Virginia Beach offers many youth sports leagues for kids of all ages. If your family loves basketball, then check out their boys (12-18) and girls (12-16), along with a few “farm leagues” for players under age 10. They also run a 7v7 Youth Passing League in the spring for boys and girls (10-18), and it is a fun, recreational, non-contact introduction to playing youth football. 

Youth flag football is played in the fall for boys and girls (10-18) and provides a fun, recreational, limited-contact way to play youth football. Girls fast pitch softball runs in both spring and fall. Youth volleyball is offered in the spring and fall for girls (12-18) and coed (12-14), with farm leagues available for players under 10. In addition, Virginia Beach Parks and Recreation offers intramural swim, dive, and water polo leagues. There is something for everyone through these sports leagues offered through the city. 

Virginia Beach Field House

2020 Landstown Centre Way, Virginia Beach, VA 23456

If your kids love to play, youth sports leagues are the perfect place to burn off extra energy and make new friends. Kids of all ages can have fun at the Field House in Virginia Beach. Parents can enroll their kids in a youth sports league, activity camp, a Lil’s development class, or before and after school care. The Field House even hosts birthday parties, where kids can have a blast in the FunZone and create lasting memories. Sports leagues include volleyball, soccer, and basketball. For young kids, Lil’s Development Programs are the perfect way to get started. Parents can enroll their kids (toddlers through age 7) in programs for soccer, baseball, basketball, cheerleading, volleyball, and lacrosse. 

i9 Sports

Serving the Virginia Beach area

If you’re looking for an excellent place for youth sports in Virginia Beach, check out i9 Sports. It has become the nation’s largest multi-sport provider that focuses on high-quality, community-based sports leagues for kids. This company offers recreational sports leagues, camps, and clinics for kids in today’s most popular sports, including flag football, soccer, basketball, baseball, lacrosse, and volleyball. Coaches and instructors provide age-appropriate instruction that is fun for kids. Sports leagues are available for kids ages 3 and up in the Virginia Beach area. i9 Sports offers fun, community-based youth sports leagues that are convenient for modern families and make sports fun for kids of all ages. 

Families can expect age-appropriate instruction, sportsmanship, and all skill levels, no fundraising, plenty of playtime, convenient practices, trained officials at every game, and concussion safety protocols. Each week, coaches focus on a new skill that will help players be successful both on and off the field. Popular programs include baseball, soccer, and flag football. 

I Hope This Helps You Find The Perfect Youth Sports In Virginia Beach For Your Family

As a Virginia Beach family photographer, I recommend these youth sports leagues for families who want to enroll their kids in local sports. These sports leagues teach kids the fundamentals of different sports, as well as sportsmanship and good character traits. If your little ones love sports, then be sure to check out these local youth sports in Virginia Beach.

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