Best Outfits for Spring Family Photos

A mother sits on a white blanket in a flower field with her daughters. They are all wearing outfits that work well for spring family photos.

It’s hard to believe, but choosing the right outfits is one of the most important parts of planning your photo session! Without the right outfits, your photos will look mediocre, and not at all wall worthy. I believe that everyone deserves to have photographs of their family up on their walls. Wall art that they are proud to hang and display! Spring is one of my favorite times of the year to be a family photographer. The flowers are blooming, the greenery is back, the weather is perfect! In this blog post, I’ve compiled some outfits for your spring family photos. Using some of my favorite color palettes, I’ve put together looks for the whole family!


Neutral Pinks

Pink is the color you think of most often when you think of spring. Think about your favorite spring blooms? What color are they? Chances are, some of your favorite spring flowers come in some shade of pink (hint: I love the Cherry blossoms)! One of my favorite ways to utilize pinks in family outfits is by pairing it with neutrals. Khakis and whites make great complimentary colors for pink and you can’t go wrong with this look!


I like this combination so much that I’ve provided a couple different examples of how to use these tones together. One example is a bit on the softer side, while the other makes more of a bold statement.

Minty Florals

Mint is one of my favorite colors for spring. The soft color compliments a variety of skin tones and pairs well with other spring favorites. Try mixing in some soft pinks, whites, and very light color khakis. The soft colors of this palette are sure to look beautiful for your spring family photos.

A collage of outfits in mint green, pink, khaki, and white. All are perfect outfits for spring family photos.

Soft Blues

These dreamy tones look amazing on many different skin tones! Blue tones work so well for spring family photos! The tones often provide a nice contrast to the blooms on location, allowing you and your family to shine in the photos. I personally like to pair blue and gray, creating a very soft look overall.

A collage of clothes in blue, white, and gray for a family photo shoot.

Sage and Rose

If you are looking for deeper tones over pastels, sage green and dusty rose is a stunning combination. Both colors compliment the scenery you are likely to be surrounded by, while also looking absolutely magnificent together. Like many other statement colors on this list, it is best to pair both with neutrals like khaki and white.

A collage of clothes in sage green, dusty rose, khaki, and white.

Where to Shop for Outfits for Spring Family Photos

While not a comprehensive list. Here are some of my favorite places to shop for outfits for a photo session.

  • Joyfolie : perfect for statement pieces for both mama and daughters
  • Baltic Born: stunning dresses for mom
  • H&M: a great option for the littles and even dad
  • Oshkosh B’Gosh: great selection for baby, toddler, and kiddos
  • JCrew: excellent selection for dad and son

I have also compiled a list of shopping links for some of my favorite pieces, many of which you see on the collages in this post. You can find the links to shop here.

Outfits Ideas for your Spring Family Photos

Planning your outfits for spring family photos can be a daunting task. It’s best to start with one family member’s outfit (I recommend mama!) and build from there. Use a color palette that resonates with you to build a set of outfits that complement each other. And remember, it’s best to have outfits that compliment each other, rather than match completely. You want every member of your family to stand out and shine, which will not happen if you all wear the same thing.


Still a little overwhelmed? No worries! Did you know that I offer complimentary styling services to all of my full session clients? When you book a family session with me, we will discuss color palettes and your vision for the session. I will put together a guide similar to the ones you’ve seen in this blog, but unique to your family! Your personalized style sheet will even have shopping links, taking all the stress of finding outfits completely off your plate!


If you are in the Chesapeake, VA area and this sounds like your cup of tea, then reach out to me today! Let’s chat and discuss your spring family session.

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